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The purpose of this series is to celebrate, honor and preserve your cultural legacy through an artistic portrait, that is meant to be passed down to future generations. This art will outlive you and tell the story of your life to those that follow. 

I am looking for individuals/families from 50 different countries or tribes from around the world to represent their ancestry. Participants will wear traditional or ceremonial clothing for a professional portrait session for themselves or with family members. Participants will create their own family heirloom and have one portrait on display during the Cultural Legacy Gallery. 

Why is it important for you to have a Cultural Portrait? 


 Each session will be specifically designed for you. We'll meet together before your session for a consultation to go over  wardrobe, accessories, and what part of your culture you would like to share and pass on to Future Generations. I have wonderful resources to help you plan and prepare all the details for your photoshoot from skin care to wardrobe maintenance.

The day of your session your Hair and Makeup will be provided by a professional artist, and we'll spend our time listening to music from your culture talking about food, customs, and the story of your ancestors. 


After your luxurious session we will meet together again to hand pick your favorite images. Together we will design your heirloom portraits as a beautiful wall gallery, folio box or album that can be proudly displayed in your home and shared with friends and family. These items are handcrafted, and beautifully designed for timeless enjoyment.

woman in traditional Turkman Clothing


Once individuals or families have been photographed from 50 different countries or tribes, the project will be complete and you will be invited to attend the Gallery. Date and time still to be determined. 


The Gallery will be an evening of cultural celebration through art. Friends, family and community members will come together to celebrate Utah's Rich cultural diversity. Your image will proudly be on display representing your culture and your voice. There will be horderves and light music. Each participant will receive a ticket and a plus one invitation.

Wall gallery with framed images


  It is my goal to give you the best quality images that will last a life time.  Art is meant to be physically displayed and enjoyed not just posted or stuck on a hard drive. Prints start at $275 or Folio box keepsakes start at $1200 and go up from there and include a digital file for each image your purchase. I also offer framed wall art and gallery wall design for your home.


My session fee is $600. This fee covers professional hair and makeup for one person, wardrobe consultation, photoshoot and reveal & purchase session, plus a $300 print credit towards your purchase of wall art or hairloom keepsake.  Participant's art will also be showcased in an art exhibit and magazine at the end of the project!

Who would you like to be photographed with? Do you want a legacy portrait with your spouse, your children, your mother and father, your siblings or do you want to have a day celebrating your personal legacy? I can't wait to get you into my studio to create beautiful art that your family will cherish for life times. 

Terms and Conditions - please read before applying

Participants must provide their own traditional, ceremonial or cultural clothing. If extra items for the shoot are necessary for purchase or rental, participant will cover that cost on top of the session fee.  When applying below please indicate the country or tribe you will be representing and a little about the clothing you will be wearing. Once you have submitted your information I will send you a confirmation email and we will schedule your consultation and photoshoot date.


Thanks for submitting!




I married a Guatemalan man. The culture, language, and traditions are a part of my children's heritage. It is a part of them I never want them to forget or feel ashamed of.  Creating beautiful art that celebrates that part of who they are is an important part of passing that legacy on to their own children. I want to help you celebrate and preserve that cultural legacy for your own family. This truly is my passion and  mission in life.



Jocelyn Villagran

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