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A True Beauty

Before and After
Stunning before and after! I am so proud of this mama and all she has accomplished in her life!

Eva Gordon doesn't have time for beauty like others might. Like most mothers out there, she often puts herself last on the to do list. She has dedicated her life to her children, extended family, faith and recovering addicts. It’s hard to find any time for herself. Not only is she a single mother, but she is also working full time, while getting her masters.

Where does she have the time for beauty? Eva has shown me a different type a beautiful. A beautiful that comes from confidence from within.

She doesn’t let others define her. She knows who she is, and she knows she is beautiful in her own unique way. Eva has shown me that beauty doesn’t solely rely on your outside appearance. It starts from within, and resonates through you. I’m here to capture that inside appearance, which shines outwardly. We are all beautiful. It’s believing that we are beautiful in our own individual way.

Eva says, “Beauty… means beautiful in the inside and outside. But once you work on yourself internally, it just comes out naturally. What we think about ourselves reflects on the outside.”

Like Eva, getting behind a camera can be daunting and intimidating. How can you capture beauty when I don’t feel beautiful myself?

Her source of beauty, she says, comes from her children, and Christ. She knows she is beautiful because of them. She believes she is here because of them. That is ultimately what I wanted to capture.

Eva wants to encourage women to find their own beauty. Find where it truly comes from. “We have as women, very important gifts and talents so we can help future generations grow and be successful.”

We found Eva’s true beauty. It came from inside, and shines through. I was lucky enough to be behind the camera, and capture it all. Eva is beauty.

*Hair and makeup done by Daniella Wilson. You can see more of her work and follow her on Instagram @beauty_by_dani_

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