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You Will Be Blown AWAY!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Have you ever seen beautiful pictures of women and thought to yourself "wow! I wish I looked like that!" What am I saying, OF COURSE YOU HAVE!!! We all do it!! Then we start thinking things like "if only my hair were longer or more blond. If only my nose was this or my eyes were that or if I was 10 years younger." Don't try to deny it, cause I probably wouldn't believe you if you did. 

Do you want to know their secret?They have a professional hair and makeup team do their hair and makeup and then they have a professional photographer take pictures of them and vua-la! Beautiful pictures!! Seriously its that easy!! And you know what? Ya don't need to look like Angelina Jollie the get great results. Honest!! This is a fantastic example of the power of a #glamoursession!!

Meet Sarah! She is super shy, and was looking for ways to get out of her comfort zone. The great thing about modeling for a session is that her shyness doesn't show up on the camera. When you get professional glamour pictures done you are able to see yourself in a whole new light! She found me through her sister, who I did a family session for and who happens to be the in-law to some friends from college (funny how connected the world is isn't it?) 

One of the funnest things about a glamour sessionis you get treated like a real model, you get the whole package!! Your hair and makeup get professionally done by Kim and Rachel my dynamic beauty duo! I bring snacks and while taking pictures I keep saying things like "fantastic, YES, I love it, You look amazing, give me more!!" 

It might sound silly but its all part of a scientifically crafted process that makes you look and feel like #milliondollars so that's all the camera picks up!! But seriously, some people think they can save money during a session and do their own hair and makeup. I strongly counsel clients that this isn't be best route. You might save a few dollars, but you really can see the difference through the camera. Often times your foundation doesn't match or your color pallet isn't cohesive. Plus there is so much value in having the experience of being pampered. If you feel great (pampered like a model and told you look like one over and over and over again) then that is what will show on camera.

And that is what you want right?You want to see yourself looking and feeling your best. If you aren't happy with your images in the end then in reality your session isn't worth it. So treat yourself like a million dollars, enjoy the whole experience of a glamour session and you will be AMAZED how that translates in the final product. (watch out Angelina) 

Sarah had her hair and makeup done and LOVED being pampered!! She had a huge smile on her face the whole time!! (who wouldn't?) 

Here are a few of my favorite images from that evening! Which is your favorite?

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