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Freezing to Fantastic

Brittany & Daniel Bridals

So this was such a fun session for me to shoot!! I have known Brittany FOREVER!!! Seriously for a very long time!! We grew up in the same town going to the same church for years and years until I moved away to college. So this was particularly special for me!! I am so glad that I got to be a part of this special time in their lives!!

But I have to be honest this shoot was probably one of the trickiest in terms of crazy weather!! It was on the verge of snowing the day after beautiful bright warm weather. The wind was literally howling in our ears! And after maybe 20 min we had to call it quits! When I got back in my car and put my fingers up to the heater they stung from the cold!! But we still pulled it together and got some fantastic shots of this sweet couple!! Poor Brittany was wearing the least amount of clothing out of everyone involved, special moments don't wait for warm weather, but like any happy bride she pulled through and all you can see is happiness!! 

We went to a second location cause it was just way too cold!! We decided on the Provo Library which was built in 1898, We wanted to keep with the Victorian style of Brittany's dress and this location with its beautiful architecture and historic feel was ideal. Not to mention it was much warmer there then by the lake!!

Now often what happens with Bridal images is they don't get printed and put up on your walls. Typically brides and grooms will print images from their wedding day leaving their beautiful images on a computer or hard drive somewhere. This is so sad to me!! A lot of work and preparation goes into bridal images not to mention all the joy and love that these sessions capture! So below I have a few possible gallery ideas for displaying bridal images!  

Don't forget to fill the smaller spaces with your images! One of the things that makes a house a home is creating warm and inviting spaces in every corner!
Don't forget to fill the small spaces with warm and inviting images!

Romantic images hung in the bedroom can last long after life changes.

You can easily create a large gallery using a variety of sizes so when guests walk through your door, they are blown away!

Thanks again Brittany and Daniel for letting me be apart of this special time!! Best of luck to you both!!! 

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