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You will always regret bangs but you will never regret a glamour session!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

I shoot dead people...Ok not really I shoot normal people. But sometimes when you work as long and hard as Bridget you might feel dead and the idea of a Glamour Session doesn't sound too... glamorous!! 

Meet Bridget!She is one of my favorite people!! She is a fun, spunky, sassy, list maker!! And she's gorgeous inside and out to boot!! Yup she's the total package and I know her husband agrees with me!! So when she contacted me about a session there was no way I could refuse!! And I knew we could be a little more relaxed and try a few fun things and I am so glad we did!! 

She works hard!

Bridget and her husband work 10 hour days, no joke!! And Bridget is a low maintenance type. Her typical morning routine takes 5 min on the car ride to work (I am assuming her husband drives). She was feeling the need for a little pick me up. 

You know exactly what I am talking about, we have all been there!!  We all get to that point where we look in the mirror and we do one of two things 1. Decide we need a hair cut or worse, get bangs!! Or 2. Call your friend who happens to be a professional photographer and set up a glamour session. Bridget was smart and did the latter.

So without further adieu I present to you (some of) my favorite images from our session!! In all honesty there were so many it was really hard to choose!! 

But wait!! You spent the time, you spent the money now what? You know what!! Its time to print your images and hang them up so you (and your family) can remember how awesome you are!!

Boom! You're Welcome!

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