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Sara & Eric's December 22nd Wedding

Her smile was bursting at the seams, and her joy was infectious! She looked into his eyes and promised him forever. Moments before he had asked her to only be herself, SHE is his love and that is all he needed her to be. The room was dim and intimate, filled with only the most loving friends and family. For this couple marriage had been a struggle, a goal they had to work towards harder than most. Everything they had achieved thus far, they had done together. And now they had reached their goal! Years of paperwork and waiting, faith and prayers had finally paid off! They now belonged to each other and moving forward that is all they needed. Those closest to them felt their joy and celebrated along with the happy couple! People from so many different places came together to celebrate the marriage! There were people from Brazil, the US and Haiti while distant family watched in far way France! Words of love and affection were being shared in French, Spanish and Portuguese, while traditions from various nations were present! This wedding was not only a celebration of a couple's love but a celebration of each others cultures!

Eric and Sara, I loved getting to know you and sharing in the joy of your special day! Thank you so much for the honor and blessing of being your photographer! You are such a strong couple and I am excited to see where that strength takes you in life! I wish you all the best!

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