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Shaun & Nyssa Copper Creek Event Center Wedding

They leaned together posing for a mother and bride picture. The bride was officially married and family pictures were well underway.“Here you are!! The dynamic duo!” I say as we capture the special bond between these two. That phrase, the dynamic mother daughter relationship that they had was suddenly at a point of change. Tears began to form in both their eyes as the realization began to sink in. Reality was catching up in the midst of all the celebration, all the romantic chaos that a wedding embodies.

This moment, this last tender moment when a daughter has begun her own family and a loving mother whose heart is full of joy and pride, must let her go. Gently dabbing at the signs of tender love and appreciation that roll down their cheeks, mother and daughter embrace, offer apologies for the tears and laugh at the emotion that has caught them off guard. More pictures are taken, more hugs, more family members, more poses. The wedding celebration continues, full of fun traditions, romantic music, plenty of laughs and delicious treats for the reception guests. But that moment, that tender, precious moment was the most memorable for me during Nyssa and Shaun's beautiful wedding.

It’s the moments like that, where no words are necessary, but so much is communicated, that make weddings truly meaningful. We want to witness love, in all its forms and stages, and the best stage to witness is watching love grow. As a relationship changes, there is a feeling of loss, but in the case of weddings that loss is only momentary and truly not a loss at all. I want to wish Shaun and Nyssa the best of luck as they start their adventure as a new family together. And I want to offer love and appreciation for the mothers who brought them to this moment. Congratulations as you watch your family and your love for each other grow!!

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