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True Beauty with Sarah Fortney

We aren’t all “perfect” in societies eyes but true beauty isn’t about being perfect, Sarah Fortney explained that beauty to her, means being ok with who you are, and all of our small “defects” as we unfortunately call them. Why do we call them defects anyway? Is our waist a defect because we aren’t a size two? Are our eyes a defect because they aren’t blue? Is our hair too frizzy? our lips not plump enough? Being different, or defective as Sarah explained, is what makes us all unique and individually beautiful.

When she found her individuality, it helped her be more confident which gave her the strength to empower women. Beautiful women empower one another, and compliment their differences.

Who cares if we aren’t all size two? Why is size two the “beautiful” norm? Sarah knows her beauty, and knows that she is allowed to eat her ice cream, and not feel guilty about it. She is who she is, and no one can change her. That is true beauty.

“When a woman loves herself, there is something inside her that makes her glow.” Find your glow, and show it to the world. Thank you Sarah for sharing your True Beauty!

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