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Headshhot of a woman with brown hair in a black dress

I'm Jocelyn!

I help you stand out, be seen, and get noticed with magazine-worthy images that showcase your unique personality and style.

I am Jocelyn Villagran a St. George UT based Maternity Photographer

I work with women who want to:

  • Celebrate themselves and their accomplishments in life

  • Feel happy and confident in their natural beauty

  • Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing photo session while feeling like a model

  • Take striking, gorgeous, and stunning photographs of themselves

  • confidently represent their business and brand 


Luxury is more than just a symbol of legacy, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional expertise. It is an expression of personal identity, providing individuals with the perfect medium to showcase their unique character. We are redefining the Luxury Photoshoot experience for the average woman. Every photoshoot package includes a professional makeup artist, personalized consultation, wardrobe styling, guided posing, image reveal, and product ordering/installation. Let's create the perfect session together.

woman dressed in black, wearing a black hat, with tatoos and gold jewelry on her arms
woman draped in blue fabric against a blue backdrop
woman wearing a black dress on a black backdrop, with her hand near her face
married couple embracing on a beach looking towards the camera
woman sitting on an old french couch, wrapped in a white fur coat